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The Web-Dev Hackathon
The Web-Dev Hackathon

The Web-Dev Hackathon

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Start your web-development journey by building 3 awesome projects with us. This is a four day hackathon, with following things done -

* Day 1 - LinkedIn optimization

* Day 2 - CSS Project

* Day 3 - JavaScript Project

* Day 4 - ReactJS project

The Hackathon will happen Every Wed at 9 pm - 10 pm IST on Zoom(Recordings will be available). All the participants, will get their LinkedIn profile optimized on Day 1. Next, three day we will do three projects on zoom. We will go very slow and make sure, everyone completes these three projects. After that these projects will be shared on LinkedIn the same day. By the end of this Hackathon in a month, you will have a solid LinkedIn presence with 3 projects to show to employers and get a job. Every month three different projects will be done.

According to estimate 15 projects in CSS, JavaScript and ReactJS are required to get a job/internship. We help you to get started and also have a great LinkedIn presence, which is again a must to get a job/internship.


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